Bin Around will provide services to any property location in Mornington, Mt Eliza, or Mt Martha. If you are in the Mornington Peninsula, outside of these suburbs feel free to check in with us. We may still be able to assist. However please note that at present there will be an additional travel fee and there may be additional restrictions on availability. 

Honestly, very few people actually ask this. However for those who do, it’s an important question. Yes we have the appropriate business and worker’s insurances in place. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we want to ensure everyone is properly covered. 

A handyman is someone who fixes things around the house. We are skilled with a wide range of repair and basic construction tasks, maintenance, and other odd jobs. We’re the labourors, builders, and tradies who do the tasks that tend to fall outside of trade specialities, although we can help with the light trades (why call a full on electrician to change a lightbulb when you can get your handyman to do it while they’re replacing the flyscreen and repainting the bench?). We can tackle both common and unique household tasks, both inside the home and in your yard. 

Well, apart from how much fun it is tell people that we’ve Bin Around the neighbourhood, the name originated from our first service concept. This was our bin placement service. We would take your bin out on collection night, then back around home the next day. As our team and services expanded, we decided we liked the name and would stick with it. 

Neil Earl. Manager of Bin Around, Practical Property Solutions

Neil Earl


Neil is the head honcho at Bin Around. Based on both his generous spirit, and visually, it's not hard to see why he's been mistaken as Santa Claus on a few occassions (both locally and abroad). Neil is the loving husband of Suzanne, the biological father to their 5 children (now grown) and the chosen father to 5 more (now almost all grown). He is now also the grandfather to 5 grandkids... and no doubt there's more to come. To read more about the man behind the scenes, check out Bin Around's "About Us" page.