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Whether you need standard paling fences or a speciality build, Bin Around has the right team for your fence building or repairs. We are dedicated to providing you with a superior finish that suits your aesthetic and security requirements. This includes fence painting, spot maintenance and replacement jobs. 

Timber Paling Fences: Building, Repairs & Painting, across the Mornington Peninsula

Timber fencing construction

Timber fences are perhaps the most popular fences for an Australian yard. It’s not hard to understand why… 

  • Classic aesthetics
  • Cost effective to build & maintain
  • Efficient base for building, maintenance & customisation

A timber fence provides a classic, elegant look that is not going out of style with the next fad. While it is suitable for minimalist aesthetics, there is also the potential to tailor the fence in more unique ways.

For the budget minded they are an obvious solutions. Timber fencing is an affordable option when it comes to the initial installation. This cost-effectiveness carries on to the maintenance stage. It is relatively easy to find replacement components for those inevitable repair jobs down the track, without having to overhaul a massive portion of undamaged fence line. That’s great for your pocket now and ongoing.

A timber fence installation is more straightforward than many other designs. This means your new fence can be up and ready to use quickly, and repaired quickly as well. It’s also easy to customise. The height, style and materials used for the fence are readily adaptable. If you want a new look then a good paint job can be an easy update.

Other fence types

While this option is not as secure as other choices, it is relatively maintenance free. It can also look like pretty much any other fence type. 

This is another low cost option that isn’t quite as sturdy as w wooden fence. It can, however, be resilient with the elements. 

For a strong, and adaptable design that can create very aesthetically appealing elegance, or funk, wrought iron is a popular choice. There are a few major downsides. This option comes with high maintenance needs and high costs, and is an unpopular choice for security options. 

Vinyl fencing is a high cost option that is known for its strength, flexibility and low maintenance needs. It is often selected for its longevity. 

This is a cheap and durable option that doesn’t provide any privacy and has limited aesthetic appeal. If you have a green thumb you can get around this with some shrubbery and vines… 

There are multiple options when it comes to bamboo fencing. Its biggest appeal comes from being both an environmentally friendly and visually appealing option. While live bamboo is one of the potential options, it is not suitable in cold climates. 

Alternatively you can forgo the whole material structure and opt for some green hedges. Obviously this option would be high maintenance, but when done well can be a great choice for the more unique aesthetic, and environmental, appeal.

Mornington Peninsula Fence Building Permit

In some situations you may require additional permits and specialists. Under the 2018 Building Regulations a building permit is required to build a fence that is one of the following:

  • Front fence greater than 1.5m high
  • Front fence constructed from masonry greater than 1.2m high
  • Boundary fence greater than 2m high
  • Front or boundary fence that forms part of a pool safety barrier
  • If your property is a corner block, a front fence greater than 1m high within 9m of the point of intersection of your two corner boundaries, see the red line in the diagram on the council page.

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