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Guest Services & Management

Ongoing security, repairs & maintenance, handman jobs, additional cleaning needs, garden maintenance & other property needs can all be taken care of when you hire Bin Around for the odd jobs needed for your Mornington Property Management.

Bin placement and cleans, rubbish removal, cleaning between guests, collecting mail, and security checks can all be handled by Bin Around as part of your Mornington Property Management services. This ensures your vacant property it taken care of. 

As part of your Mornington Property Management services we can take care of preparation of guest welcome packs, information and supplies. For example we can stock up basic supplies in the fridge and bathroom so the place is ready for holiday arrivals.  

Air BNB Investment Mornington Property Services
Repairs and maintenance Mornington

Yes! We provide once off and ongoing contract support to local real estate agents.

If you are a Mornington Peninsula Real Estate agent we are happy to work with you. When you need a handyman, waste removal, gardener, cleaner, or security check, give Bin Around a call. We are currently accepting jobs around Mornington, Mt Martha and Mt Eliza. Additional travel fees will be charges for any jobs accepted outside these suburbs.

Mt Martha, Mt Eliza, & Mornington Property Management

The services provided by Bin Around are the perfect solution for maintaining your Air BNB, rental property our holiday home in Mornington. Don’t let mail build up, bin placement, yard overgrowth, or guest transition issues cause you stress. Relax, knowing that Bin Around is taking out the trash and bringing in the supplies. We will work directly with real estate agents seeking practical property solutions for their clients, or directly with home owners looking for specific or general support. 

  • Cleaning

    After your guests leave we can clean the place up so that it's ready for the next guest. If the property has been empty for a while we can give it a good dust to tidy it up. Washing bedding, making beds, doing dishes, sweeping, mopping, spot cleaning, and more.

  • Handyman Tasks

    Are there any odd jobs that need to be taken care of? Contact Bin Around to be connected with your local handyman, who will take care of your problem through practical and creative solutions.

  • Repairs & Maintenance

    Whether something is broken or it's just time for regular maintenance to keep it in good shape, Bin Around has your Mornington property repair needs covered.

  • Guest Welcome Packs

    Do you need to make sure your guests recieve informatio, paperwork or even a warming welcome pack? Bin Around can organise and set this up in your Mornington property.

  • Stocking up Supplies for Guests

    There's nothing worse than arriving for a holiday and there's no toilet paper available. We can stock up on bathroom and kitchen supplies so that new guests are covered before they get a chance to shop. Toilet paper, paper towels, milk, bread, tea & coffee, sugar, dishwashing liquid, and whatever else you'd like to provide.

  • Welcoming Guests

    If you want to go that extra mile and ensure there's someone physically onsite to welcome new guests, we can also help. We will need adequate notification to ensure someone can be onsite, ready to welcome and introduce new guests to your Mornington property in person.

  • Security Checks

    Bin Around can provide random and routine security checks on your Mornington Property, whether it's vacant or occupied. We'll make sure it's locked up when needed, get visuals for any signs of issues, and generally key an eye on the place.

  • Rubbish Removal

    Bin Around will take the rubbish bin to the curb on bin night, then return it after the rubbish has been collected. We can also pressure wash the bins to ensure they stay fresh and clean. We can also provide rubbish removal services from the property and yard.

  • Mail Collection

    Having a letterbox full of mail is a common problem for holiday houses, vacant properties and holiday rentals. We can collect your mail and forward or dispose of it per your requirements.

  • Gardening

    Keep the lawns trimmed, the hedges in line, and the flowers growing with Bin Around's gardening solutions. If it's time for a change we can even help with garden construction in your Mornington property.

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