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Bin Around provides Mornington with Practical Property Solutions

Bin Around is a family owned and run community business designed to provide you with practical property solutions. Every property needs a handyman to fix something up, remove the rubbish, build a fence, or mow the lawns at some point or another. When you do, you want a handyman who is friendly, reliable, and effective. That is the motivation behind Bin Around. 

The handyman can...

There are a lot of tasks to do around a home. Many of these don’t squarely fit into the mould. Over time we’ve been asked to do a surprising range of jobs that people have found difficult to procure labour for. We also noticed a need for various odd jobs to be filled. Whether you’re just needing physical help around the house, you have an investment holiday property that needs an extra touch between guests, or you’re going away and need help while your home is vacant, Bin Around can fill that space. On top of that we can do garden constructions, fence building, and other general home improvements. That makes us the one stop shop for pretty much of all your practical property needs and requirements. For that added touch we are always willing to help source and secure specialists where your job requires licensed specialists that are beyond our scope. 

We are a team who are easy to talk to and willing to work things out. Our team members come from a range of backgrounds to help ensure we have broad coverage and solid experience in each of our offered services in both personal and professional capacities. To give you an overview we’ll include a little sneak peak into some of our key team members. 

You get the benefit of hard workers with a side of smiles. Your property gets a sparkly new shine. We get the pleasure of another job well done. It’s win – win for everyone. 

Meet some of the key members of team providing practical property solutions for your Mornington, Mt Eliza or Mt Martha property.

Neil Earl. Manager of Bin Around, Practical Property Solutions


General Manager

Neil is the head honcho at Bin Around and leads the team with the day to day work. He's the man in charge and one you can talk to about your job. His background is diverse. He has over 40 years experience working with odd jobs and construction work, insterspersed with community work and services as a pastor. In his very early days Neil worked as a Psych nurse. Neil continues to run community outreaches, both locally and abroad, which provide the supplies and training necessary for people to break out of poverty and create a life for themselves. He and his wife of 45 years, have raised 5 biological children, 5 foster children, and now enjoy spending time with 5 grandchildren.... (so far)

Aaron Earl Project Manager ensuring Practical property solutions Mornington


Project Manager

Aaron is the hands on project manager at Bin Around. While he does a lot behind the scenes you'll also see him out working on jobsites . He understands the finer details necessary to make a project work and ensures the i is dotted and that t is crossed. His previous management experience has primarily been in hospitality, managing cafes and takeaway stores. Perhaps Bin Around should consider adding food preparation to their list of extensive services... This does mean he has a thorough understanding of safety and compliance issues. He may be a relatively young member of the team, but he's Bin Around long enough to know what needs to be taken care of.

Elizabeth Admin


Guest Services Manager

Elizabeth overseas the guest services provided to our holiday rental and Air BNB clients. She knows how to make people feel welcome behind the scenes & onsite, welcoming your guests to your Air BNB or holiday rental.

Rebekah Finance. Property taxes.


Finance Manager

Rebekah is our finance manager and accountant. She is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Advisor, and registered tax agent, with 2 decades experience behind her. She does more than just balance the books.

Exceptional Bin Cleaning


Bin Clean Inspector

Ok, you got us. He's not really the bin cleaning inspector. He's Neil's grandson, and he kindly agreed to pose for some marketing photos. Don't you wish you had a bin clean inspector as adorable as this though...

Handyman Thumbs Up
Bin Around provides more than just a handyman

Bin Around

It’s a team of fun, friendly, reliable and experienced, community minded wokers. The general “can-do” attitude and dedication to completing a job to optimal standards is why Bin Around is perfect for your local property caretaker and fix-it needs. Bin Around is a family run and operated local business, designed to provide practical property solutions for your Mornington, Mt Martha or Mt Eliza home or rental.